15 hours as a social worker on an overnight shift

“There had been no mention of the police being dispatched on the data terminal. Sometimes multiple people will call for help when something untoward happens in the street – some people will call the police, some will call an ambulance. Sometimes the two services don’t communicate very well and we both arrive looking surprised to see the other.”

Creative Roles in Tech: I can’t code, what can I do?

“I ultimately dropped out because I got frustrated at how difficult and technical the course truly is, yet how on the other side, how underdeveloped the job market is.”

From $56,500 in Human Rights Law at 23 to $127,000 in Family Law at 29

The concept for ‘Snagging six figures’ was created after we had readers writing in asking for advice about how to use their degree and current job status to launch into a different industry or career.